"SET THE TONE" With The Only Truly Digital MP3 Doorbell...

The Tommyknocker is a USB, all digital doorbell. MP3 sound files may be uploaded to the Tommyknocker USB memory stick via a computer.

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 1. The Blue Box is your home with its two doors.
 2. Insert the TBELL stick into your USB port to turn the red circle into green.
 3. Choose an MP3 from the song list right from your "home".
 4. Play/Stop if necessary, but leave it selected at the end.
 5. Press "Assign Selected" button under the desired door.
 6. Wait until the copy process finishes and yellow circle disappear.
 7. Remove the stick and try it at your doorbell.
 1. If the yellow circle hangs up for a long time then the page needs to be refreshed (F5).
 2. If the PLAY button is disabled (gray), please reload the page (F5).



 How to add new sounds to your TommyKnocker doorbell memory stick:

 Place TommyKnocker memory stick into a computer that has USB support for FAT32 type disks.  This could be just
 about any PC running Microsoft windows or a MAC with the ability to read FAT32 file system disks.

 Simply copy to the stick any MP3 file that you would like to have access to from the bell.  Be sure that the new file name
 is no more than 8 characters long and that it has an extension of .MP3  . You may need to rename the file on the stick
 once you have copied it.  Acceptable names are  NewSound.mp3 ,  MYSOUND.mp3,  horns.mp3 .  Names that won't
 work are My_Sound_320.mp3 or any name that is longer than 8 characters. That's it!.    You should now be able to
 access the new sound files using the front panel switches on the doorbell.  Please see the manual on sound selection for
 further details.

 If you would like to choose the sound that the TommyKnocker doorbell plays for the front or back doors without the need 
to program it using the selection buttons on the doorbell front panel,  you can do so by naming the sound file accordingly.
 Simply name the sound you would like for the front door to FRONT.mp3,  and BACK.mp3 for the back door.   If your bell
 is a 4 door model, the default names for the side doors are SIDEL.mp3 and SIDER.mp3

 NOTE:  Before you do this, if you would like to keep the current factory sound, be sure to rename the current
 FRONT.mp3  sound to OLDFRONT.MP3 , and BACK.mp3 to OLDBACK.MP3 .  That way the sound will be there for
 selection using the doorbell front panel should you want to use it again.


 IF YOU LOST your original factory memory stick and would like to make a new one,  simply buy a small memory stick ,

 format it using FAT32, and then follow the instructions above to place sounds on it.

 NOTE:  It is recommended that no sub directories or other files be placed on the doorbell stick.  Some reports of
 incompatible memory sticks have been made.  If you come across a stick that is not usable in the doorbell, please let us
 know.  We will be keeping a list of incompatible sticks on our web site.   To be certain to get a stick that works,
 remember that you can purchase pre-formatted sticks with the factory default sounds from our web site.  Only factory
 formatted sticks will work with the automated stick manager program on the web site.



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